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Molding & Prototyping

From planning and development to prototyping and product design and even molding,
we will accompany and serve every customer project with the utmost care and pre-

Because of procedural reasons we primarily use aluminum for polyurethane processing, so the mold cost can be kept comparatively low and the creation time relatively short, even for small lot sizes.

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Plastics Engineering

Polyurethane (PUR) is so versatile like no other plastics.
All different kind of plastic parts and products can be produced with it and already found in various areas of our daily lives.

Due to its excellent chemical and physical properties PUR not only offers tremendous freedom in design and shape, fixations also can be foamed in and due to that, depending on the requirements, additional stability or fastening possibilities be won. These can be easily interfaced with other components later on.

We produce rigid or semi-rigid integral skin foam parts as semi-finished and finished products with your own or molds we develope especially for you. Upon request, we also take over the pre- and final assembling.
All plastic parts can be manufactured by us according to your specifications and with different techniques (screen / pad) printed.

Our strength lies in our flexible production system with batch sizes from 1 piece up to several 100,000.

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Production & Assembly

We provide our expertise and our capacity as single solutions or as a service package individually customised for your business and according to your requirements. Therefor we place our machinery and our special tools for mold making at your disposal.

The special devices and tools for our production are design and produced by ourselves.

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Sports & Leisure

Our products can be used in various areas of sports, leisure and fitness. Kayak pros and kayak fans we offer a wide range of kayaks, sports equipment, Schlegel paddles, accessories, spare parts and extras.

From the drain screw to the seat, you can remodel and customize your boat according to your ideas and needs. Custom-made products and boat repairs are available upon request.

Our product range includes the brands Schlegel (paddle), Riot (kayaks), Eskimo (kayaks) and many Kutech productions which we developed with great attention to detail and tradition in kayak sports.