Everything you need for unbridled kayak fun you will receive from us:

  • On-site instruction
  • 1 kayak
  • 1 double-blade paddle per boat
  • 1 life jacket per paddler
  • 1 dry bag per boat

How to plan your kayak tour right:

  • Always plan your tour very carefully.
  • Pay attention to the weather forecast.
  • Water regulations must be followed.
  • Never paddle on your own.
  • Avoid weirs, power stations, dams, bridge piers and other obstructions.
  • Keep sufficient distance to other water users (swimmers, surfers, etc.).
  • During thunderstorms always leave the water immediately for your own safety.
  • For liability reasons, never leave the equipment unattended afloat or ashore.

What you should never forget:

  • Food (especially enough to drink)
  • Quick-drying spare clothes
  • Cosy spare clothes for later on
  • Head protection against sunstroke
  • Sun protection against sunburn
  • Insect protection against bites

Kayak Rental

For Kayak pros, kayak fans and newbies we offer the opportunity, simply to take a break from everyday life, try out this sport and have fun.
You will be able to enjoy a sports, leisure and nature experience like no other.

Just call us and plan your next tour staight away.

Day Excursions
Solo Kayak Double Kayak 3-Person Kajak
15.00 €/day 25.00 €/day 25.00 €/day
Pickup: The previous day between 3 pm and 4.30 pm, or as of 9 am on the same day.
Return: Until 5 pm on the same evening, or until 10 am the next day.

These prices include a double-blade paddle, a life jacket and a dry bag per boat.
No boat or passenger transportation included.