Kayak, Canoe footrest adjustable.

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These kayak footrest are well thought out in detail. Footrest consisting of three parts, once the bridge (picture) to the fixings and the 15 adjustable possibilities are incorporated. As well as the pedal with stiffening bar (picture) Security metal pin, (picture) as well as a hanger is provided (red picture) which serves to secure the setting and unlock when you want to adjust the footpeg pedals. Additional provided in the foot area with nut or screws sinking for mounting, ( Picture) This also serves the fixation and prevents injuries because screw and nut do not protrude into the kayak. (image) This footrest system is easy to assemble. In the footrest bridge, the front nut of us is already glued. (Image) Put the foot pedals on the bridge before mounting (picture). 2 drill six holes at the correct distance on the kayak, if necessary, countersink. Screw the front screw into the boat hull until a small thread protrudes into the kayak. Now hold the grid foot support on the thread and screw it with light pressure until the screw engages, tighten slightly and do not pull tight. Screw in the second screw through the pre-drilled hole until it protrudes through the provided guide of the footrest bar. Put the cover on it and insert the nut (picture) and fix it. Pull both screws again, done.

Dimensions footrests Footbridge:

Length: about 38 cm

Width: about 3.5 cm

Dimensions Footrest Pedal:

Length in the kayak: about 8.5 cm

Width: about 4.5cm