Wildwasser Paddel Allround von Schlegel, dass Ein- und Aufsteiger Wildwasser Doppelpaddel für den tä

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The entry-level paddle for everyday use. The sheet thickness was reduced to a minimum through the use of high-quality polyurethane, which is particularly noticeable in the immersion behavior. The blade geometry has a very positive effect due to its precise guidance, especially when drawing strokes. · Stiff paddle blades with good propulsion, approx. 980g light.

· Stiff shank allows good acceleration and more accurate paddle guidance.

· Standard lengths: 190-210cm

. Made in Germany.

Details: High strength polyurethane sheets. Aluminum shaft, this protrudes far into the blade to stiffen this addition. For a better grip, both sides are ovalized and covered with high-quality cold-insulating shrink tubing.

Standard lengths: 190-210cm.

Weight: about 990 g Made in Germany.

The right double paddle for, whitewater, leisure, sit on top, recreational kayaks, Canadians with bench.

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