Ram cap Eskimo Zwo build before 2005.

Ram cap Eskimo Zwo build before 2005.

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Ram cap Eskimo Kendo build before 2005.

This ram cap is used to protect the kayak shell from tearing.

Even if the boat was welded, it makes sense to protect the boat hull from further damage.

Assembly instructions for Ram caps:

A ram cap provides protection for the delicate boat tip. Each boat model has a different tip.

A ram cap offers protection at the boats most sensitive tip Each boat model has a different tip. We advise, due to own experience. That you use the special PU-ram cap glue from Würth, to mount your ram cap. One should sand down both the boat tip and the cap well with sand paper to roughen the surface and if possible bream it or clean it with acetone. Fill the cap with glue and distribute it evenly. Set up the boat and push the cap under it, push the ram cap hard into the boat so that the glue starts going out of the sides. The best is to the scrape off the excess give and clean the sides of the cap with acetone. Leave to harden overnight. Additionally, the cap can be fastened with rivets by drilling small holes into the sides and fastening the rivets.