Schlegel Tourenpaddel 2-piece, length and angle steplessly adjustable! Weight ca. 1090g.

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2-piece, lightweight touring and leisure paddle approx. 1090g at 220 cm, asymmetrical double paddle.

The length and angle are easily adjustable with the integrated scale and can be extended by 10cm.

30mm aluminium paddle shaft, Both sides of the shaft are ovalised for a better grip.

For a better grip, both sides of the shaft are ovalised and covered with high-quality, cold-insulating heat-shrink tubing over a length of approx. 40 cm on each side in the grip area.

The asymmetrical touring blade with guide rib ensures a precise paddle stroke with minimal effort.

Easy to store as it can be dismantled.

Blade dimensions:

Length: approx. 52cm

Width: approx. 18cm

Weight: approx. 1090 g at 220cm length

Lengths: 200cm; 205cm; 210cm; 215cm; 220cm; 230cm; 240cm; 250cm; 260cm